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Warrants in Florida

Many people are confused by what exactly a warrant is and what it means that there is one out for them. In this post, let’s discuss what these terms refer to, and how they relate to you. Only by understanding can you make the best possible plan to protect your future.

If you’re concerned about a warrant out for you… Continue reading

Who Can Own a Gun in Florida?

Florida gun laws are wide-ranging. In the state of Florida, individuals classified as “eligible” for the purchase and ownership of a firearm must be at least 18 years old. In general, no permit is required for the purchase of most firearms.

What Requirements Must Be Met for Gun Ownership?

Any individual over the age of 18 can purchase a rifle,… Continue reading

The State of Crime in Hillsborough County

Crime statistics for 2015 are now out for Florida. The numbers show that overall crime has decreased in Hillsborough County, although the violent crime rate is higher, especially for murder and rape.

Only 18 percent of the counties in Florida had a higher arrest rate than Hillsborough.

Crime Overall is Down in Hillsborough County

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Understanding Probation in Florida

What happens if you are convicted of a crime in Florida and you’re put on probation? Do you know exactly what that all entails? What about if you’re put on parole after being incarcerated?

The intricacies of the Florida justice system can be confusing at best. Learn the difference between probation and parole, and the laws that… Continue reading

Tampa Council Finally Fights Predatory Tow Companies

As any Tampa resident knows, towing companies show no mercy, especially along S. Howard Avenue (Home to $10 parking and nearly all of Tampa’s alcohol fueled nightlife). However, the Tampa city council is (kind of, finally) trying to fight towing companies to reduce the number of DUIs.

In 2008, the council introduced an ordinance to ban tow trucks from… Continue reading

Interview on ABC About Cryotherapy Injury Lawsuit

People have hailed cryotherapy as a way to treat arthritis, sports injuries, stress, skin conditions, and more. Cryotherapy works by exposing the body to extremely low temperatures, around -200 degrees Fahrenheit.

A marathon runner thought she would try it out to quicken her recovery time. She did not expect to step out of the cryochamber with more injuries than… Continue reading

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