Criminal Convictions and The Florida Board of Nursing

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How Does the Florida Board of Nursing Handle a Criminal Conviction?

Whether you are already a licensed Florida nurse, are in nursing school and applying for a license, or are licensed in a different state and are considering moving to Florida, a criminal charge or conviction can severely impact your license. It can result in a Board investigation, in a Disciplinary Action by the Board, or in some cases losing your nursing license. At Hillsborough Defense our top priority in any criminal case is protecting your future. We want to make sure that your nursing license and your ability to work is protected.

Nursing License Holders:

If you already hold a Florida nursing license, click below to learn more about how a criminal conviction can hurt your license:

Already Have a Nursing License

Applying for a Nursing License:

If you are in nursing school, are considering nursing school, or are applying for a nursing license, click below to find out more about how a criminal conviction can impact your future:

Applying for a Nursing License

Don’t wait until it’s too late to let us protect your future. If your license is at risk from a criminal charge, contact us today.